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7 Types of Coaching to help You Achieve Inner Joy

Life, as we know it, is filled with relationships. They are found in day-to-day interactions with co-workers on the job. You’ll find them in the dynamic environments that you create with family and friends. Even with yourself; you have a relationship with self-awareness, self-care, and self-acceptance.

These relationships can affect your mental health and emotional stability. Furthermore, they’ll have an even greater impact on the ability to bond with other people. What this means is, that if you are in any relationship that is making you unhappy, that same emotion can spread to how you’ll connect with everyone else.

Ultimately, your happiness is not only linked to your perception on the conditions of these relationships but also your state of mind interdependent of these same connections.

One of the longest-running studies on happiness was done on participants in the Harvard Study of Adult Development. Over the years, researchers collected information on the participants’ mental and emotional health.

The report found that certain traits and behaviors contributed to higher levels of happiness among those in the group. A strong link between being happy and close relationships was also discovered.

The research results led to some astounding conclusions. One of which I’ve written here:

The secret to happiness in life is having positive relationships.

Let’s take the above statement one step further:

  • How do we improve our current relationships so that we are happier?
  • Can we transform taxing situations into having a positive outcome?

These are some of the questions that you can explore with the right coach. They can help you discover the meaning of “happiness to you.” Moreover, with the assistance of a coach, you will see results faster than tackling these challenges on your own.

Note, that there are many facets to achieving one’s own happiness. Coaching works to determine the most appropriate direction for you.

Below, I’ve suggested these coaching services that when used to improve specific areas of a person’s life, the results create dramatic shifts in self-development. Along with achieving internal contentment and an increased desire for emotional closeness. Such feelings will undoubtedly affect the surrounding connections.

Here are the 7 types of coaching services to help you achieve inner joy:

  1. Relationships Coaching
  2. Life Coaching
  3. Health Coaching
  4. Personal Development Coaching
  5. Mental Health Coaching
  6. Conflict Management Coaching
  7. Spiritual Coaching

In simpler terms, when you have reached a higher level of joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction with your whole life, that new sense of being will affect the way you show up in your relationships regardless of how others handle themselves. Being positive can be infectious. Thus, a greater chance of a spillover of the “good” emotions toward those around you.

Make no mistake, you are not responsible for anyone else’s feelings. But, you are accountable for your own behaviors in addition to how such behaviors affect the other parties involved.

Now, let’s dive deeper into these 7 essential coaching services to see how they can support you in achieving more inner joy in your life.


Relationships Coaching

Relationship coaches can help people who are having a tough time finding compatible individuals to connect with for relationships. This type of coaching works especially well for those on the dating scene. Coaches in this field can also provide advice to singles and couples looking to have more permanent partner arrangements such as marriage or even living together. Alternatively, they can also offer some guidance to couples who are looking to separate or divorce.

Whether it’s an intimate or professional relationship, having the ability to create and maintain these connections can lower the risk of feeling abandoned or rejected from the people we care about. Therefore, you’ll have a better chance to create the type of connections that will ultimately have a positive effect within your environment.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching guides and encourages clients through personal and professional (career) challenges in order to achieve goals. By means of partnership, both client and coach explore pathways towards greater fulfillment in all areas of a person’s life. A Life Coach helps clients demystify current obsticles and identify areas where changes can be made in order to achieve a desired outcome. Some topics that are routinely covered in coaching sessions are:

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Life Purpose
  • Self Improvement
  • Lifestyle Changes

Coaching in this category is great for people looking to work on more than one area of their life, with the understanding that the changes can and will affect the way they connect with themselves and other people.

Having a Life Coach as an accountability partner will ensure clients stay focused on what they want for their future by exploring what’s happening now; then making the connection between the two spaces. Having the support and courage to conquer goals will undoubtedly promote a better sense of being.

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Health Coaching

Health Coaching

A Health Coach works with you to create precise lifestyle changes to boost your physical health. For example, depending on a patient’s condition albeit chronic or sporadic, a medical provider may recommend losing weight or getting physically fit as a way of improving their health.

A nutritionist would be helpful as they look at the dietary concerns of the patient. Coincidentally, adding health coaching could greatly impact the patient’s ability to achieve their health goals at a steadier pace.

Health coaches will look at some of the key areas that affect a patient’s well-being. They include sleep, physical activity, smoking, nutrition, productivity, time management, etc. These coaches help people find a starting point toward the betterment of their health while making small changes along the way.

Upgrading in the way you look and feel is quite motivating and can raise one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Personal Development Coaching

This type of coaching mainly involves setting and achieving individual goals. Whatever the goal, a Personal Development Coach will help to identify and devise a strategic action plan towards obtaining that goal. Their main focus is a client’s personal development and growth. Usually, they work one-on-one as apart of their service.

Creating and executing strategies will give you a sense of achievement. Hence, the bravery to handle bigger personal challenges.

Although Life Coaching can also include working on one’s own personal development, Life Coaches take into account the “whole” life of the person, not just setting and achieving individual goals. It’s important to note that neither coach is better than the other. It really comes down to what the client wants for themselves.

A few questions to ponder when choosing a Life Coach or Personal Development Coach:

  • Why am I seeking a coach?
  • Am I looking to improve just one area or multiple areas of my life?
  • Why am I looking to make changes in my life today?
  • Will solving the issues give me greater satisfaction?
  • What will happen if I don’t work on these challenges?

Let’s say your goals are centered around getting a higher-paying job within your career, a Personal Development Coach will help you focus on just that one area. Whereas a Life Coach may see your desire to make more money as the first step on a path toward the formation of a new lifestyle. One that can afford better luxuries in life.

For some people, tackling one assignment at a time is easier to implement rather than handling all of life’s difficulties at once. Either way, having a sense of accomplishment is a sign you’re feeling good about the way tasks and challenges are being handled.

Mental Health Coaching

Sometimes referred to as Behavioral Health Coach, these trained professionals help clients become more self-aware by using specific techniques and tools that improve their mental health. They help you get back on track by focusing specifically on your emotional health.

Coaches of this category can provide assistance to clients in a wide range of topics like life transitions, stress, or complicated emotions such as grief, guilt, and anger. Making progress in these areas allows for improved coping strategies when a challenging situation arises.

Changes in life are enviable. But, they can be managed with a positive mindset and support. Better mental and emotional health is a strong indicator of mental wellness.

Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict coaching are a set of skills, tactics, or strategies taught to individuals to effectively manage or resolve disputes by way of them reaching specific conflict management objectives. Usually, the coach works one-on-one with a client who is in discord with another party.

This type of coaching allows the client to safely express their grievances with a neutral third person (the conflict coach). In doing so, there is an opportunity to explore several options for resolution in addition to strategies on how to handle the situation moving forward.

Being able to manage conflicts assures us that when such disputes arrive they will be resolved with fairness. Resulting in a more positive experience all around.

Yoga and Meditation Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

A Spiritual Coach can help you go within, exploring a deeper meaning to life. Think Buddha or other spiritual types teachings like yoga and meditation. Having Zen-like experiences is not uncommon with this type of coaching. Allowing you to seek inner peace and balance in an otherwise stressful situation. Relaxation techniques can impart calmness in chaotic surroundings. You might choose to “go with the flow” in any given dynamic.

Spiritual coaching provides a safe, nurturing space to explore a client’s beliefs, values, and desires to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves while developing stronger connections to their own spirituality.

These coaches offer support while helping you discover purpose, clarity, and life meaning. Their goal is to assist you with knowing yourself and how you fit into the world at large.

Achieving a deeper understanding of you may evoke an overall satisfaction with your whole life.

Internal Happiness + Positive Relationships = Happy Life


The path to lifelong happiness is paved with the bonds and agreements that we make with other people. To keep them in good condition, it is our responsibility to show up in a way that fosters safety, positivity, and emotional awareness. We can only do this if we first make the effort to do the work on the parts within preventing us from having inner happiness. When we find the time to work on these particular areas mentioned in this article, the way we feel about ourselves may also be altered. It all starts within us. Then, we take those accomplishments into our connections to infuse them with the energy needed to help sustain and continue the momentum.

Finding joy internally infuses happiness into our connections… And into our lives.

Leave a comment if you’ve used other coaching services that supported you in cultivating more inner joy.


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