Staying Connected – A Promise to Myself

In most of my online communications, including my website, you will often see the phrase “Staying Connected” So, what does that mean?

When I started on this path a few years ago I made an effort to establish within myself a code of ethics. Guidelines that I would follow to keep me on track with my own personal growth. A true desire that would reflect my past experiences, yet help me demonstrate I can “serve” those now in need of what I learned.

The following affirmation is a summation of my future goals:

Become the person I didn’t have on my fertility journey so that you can choose wisely and always feel supported with every decision you make while on the path to parenthood

This is my reason for creating this website. And, for creating and sharing content. I am dedicated to assisting those individuals who are impacted by the physical and emotional effects of trying to navigate the highs or lows of starting a family, regardless of their medical diagnosis.

If you feel that your are ready to be a parent or, you know you want to have a family in the future but feel the best time to get your mind, body and environment in optimal health is now… This is the place for you.

Let’s get started on your path today.

Maxcine W. – Staying Connected

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