Journey To Find Me

The Journey to Find Me

How I Embraced the Path Towards Finding the Real “Me”


My Story

Honestly, I can’t remember exactly when it all started. On some level, I knew that I desired more meaning in my life. I just didn’t know what that was. I always wanted to help people find their way. Making connections were easy for me. Meeting people; exploring their points of view, and sharing experiences were never difficult.

It became commonplace to be stopped and asked for directions whenever I was out and about or running errands. So much so that I often wondered if I had the word ‘guide’ planted somewhere on my clothing. Yet, it never bothered me. I was always eager to help. I would go to great lengths to assist strangers in finding their destination. Sometimes, when the task might have seemed confusing, I would accompany them there. We would laugh and exchange dialogue along the way.

The unscheduled journey often ended with smiles and passionate waves to conclude the impromptu partnership. Those acts of kindness stayed with me long after the images and details left my mind.

As a young adult, I dreamed of being a top-notch entry-level executive (of heavens knows what company) working in one of those strikingly tall buildings in the downtown core. I didn’t care which one. My aim was the business sector, specifically banking and finance.

If I accepted a position there it only meant one thing: I made it. I landed my dream job. Actually, that was partly true. I got the title. However, the location wasn’t in the downtown area. Additionally, it was in an industry that I didn’t know much about. I had no prior experience. Eager to learn, I quickly climbed the ranks. When the right opportunity opened up, I positioned myself as the ideal candidate. Note that doing so came with some drawbacks. It was not uncommon for me to work 7 days a week; 9-11 hour days. Bad idea! Yet, I felt that youth and time were on my side.

Eventually, I left the company. That’s when I began my career in banking and finance. I worked for some of the country’s top-tiered banks and financial institutions.

It was around this time I enrolled in a ‘Life Skills’ program. Little did I know, the training I’d receive became the precursor to this chapter of my life. A unique program where the focus was emphasized around ‘Group Dynamics’.

For the first time since moving out from my parent’s home, I was among equals! I say this because all the class participants reminded me of what I wanted to achieve:

  • I wanted to become a strong motivator.
  • Provide support while simultaneously being supported.
  • Learn to seek out the unique gifts inside each and every person that I connected with.
  • Take those same gifts to the next level by helping others to show up in the best version of themselves!

That was a truly amazing opportunity.

But… I wasn’t ready for what awaited me down the road. Or, as I like to look at it, my future wasn’t quite ready for me!

Like many of my colleagues in this industry “although we were doing what we loved in our careers, something was missing”. That’s the common denominator. On some deep level, we wanted more… The old saying “Nothing happens before its time” definitely applies here. It never occurred to me that supporting others as they seek and find their pathways in the world would untimely jump-start my own quest to uncover that which brings me joy.

Coaching allowed me to uncover my own thoughts, desires, and feelings. It’s a game-changer in conversations. I learned to explore the parts of me that I didn’t know were there.

Coincidentally, I saw that same power unleashed within the sessions I had with clients.

If you ever need a hand with figuring out the pace and purpose of your journey, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me by email and I will be more than happy to help out.

All the best,

Maxcine Watson

About Maxcine W.

I am a reproductive health professional and Life & Fertility Coach. Providing support in areas of fertility care, fertility treatments, pregnancy, parenting, andrology, goal setting, and health & wellness.